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Twinning: This Is What The Prettiest Twins In The World Look Like Now

The sisters gained fame as models at the age of 7

Mother Jaqi quickly saw that her young twin daughters, Ava Marie and Leah Rose, were stunning. She therefore set up an Instagram account to share snapshots of her 7-year-old girls. In no time, the photos got a lot of likes and the sisters were crowned the prettiest twins in the world.

Viral story

Leah Rose and Ava Marie gained fame at the age of 7. The girls live in Los Angeles with their parents and brother. Mother Jaqi saw that her twins were blessed with an angelic appearance. So, in July 2017 the mother started the Instagram account, Clements Twins. In no time, the pictures of the twins went viral and the girls were called the most beautiful twins in the world.

The very first Instagram photo of Ava Marie and Leah Rose.

Modeling career

The girls are now 10 years old and have over 1.8 million Instagram followers. The twins have also built up an impressive portfolio, and have appeared in a number of very nice photo shoots, including various children’s brands. They have a successful YouTube channel – along with their family.

Good genes

Leah Rose and Ava Marie are not the only ones who pulled the lucky ticket out of the gene lottery. Even brother Chase has nothing to complain about his looks. He has also managed to win a modeling contract. The parents of the children also have good looks.

Bitter pill

Unfortunately, the life of the Clements family has not always been rosy. About eight months ago, father Kevin found out he had cancer. The family keeps their fans informed of developments via YouTube. The family receives high praise for the way they treat each other, and how they handled their father’s illness. Recently, the family proudly shared that Kevin is now cancer-free.

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