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An old Mercedes-Benz has been in a barn for 40 years and is now worth $1 million

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What an incredible find!

When a family member passes away, who will inherit the deceased person’s possessions is always a mystery. Some people leave money in their will, while others bequeath their personal belongings to their next of kin. But what if it turns out that there is a hidden treasure among these things? This happened to a family in the United States when they found a dusty old Mercedes-Benz in an old shed of a deceased relative.

Unique Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

This is a special story that you don’t hear often. A unique 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster was stored by the former owner in a derelict shed for 40 years. When the unique sports car saw the light of day, the car turned out to be covered in dust. That did not spoil the fun, because after a good renovation it turned out to be a very unique car that had driven only 23,000 kilometers.

Curious about the rest of the story and what the Mercedes-Benz looks like now? Then take a quick look at the next page.

Bought in the 1970s

The dusty Mercedes-Benz was in the shed for no less than 40 years. The former owner, an American from the Midwestern United States, spotted the unique car in the early 1970s. It was love at first sight. The owner bought the car a few years later, in 1976. This model turned out to be very unique and had not been produced for twelve years at the time of purchase.

Neglected in the shed

Instead of driving thousands of miles in his dream car, the owner decided to do something different at the time. He parked the car in a shed in Indiana and then stopped looking at it. To this day, it is still not clear why the man did this. After the man’s death, the car was sold to Gullwing Motor Cars, a garage specializing in the sale of American and European classic cars. Fortunately, these men knew what to do with this unique car and completely refurbished it.

Rare find

The Mercedes-Benz turned out to have a unique blue-gray color under the thick layer of dust. Unfortunately, all these years in the shed have not done the car any good and the car had discolored to a silver-colored layer of paint. However, that makes the 300SL Roadster no less special. In total only 1,458 copies of this specific model were made. Only 249 cars were made after 1960, the year of production of this Mercedes-Benz. In combination with the extremely low mileage, this Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster is worth a fortune. The car is currently for sale for $1,095,000 million, converted about $ 1,014,000 million.

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