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7 Brilliant Tricks To Apply Mascara Perfectly

Applying mascara can be a tricky thing

Mascara is the most popular makeup item in the world. It gives you beautifully framed eyes and never-ending eyelashes. However, applying this black substance can be tricky. You obviously don’t want eyelashes that stick together or lumps in your lashes. You want voluminous and beautifully spread eyelashes. How do you accomplish this? With these seven trips.

A tempting look is actually the eye catcher of each and every woman.

1- Tips first

Apply your mascara from halfway down your eyelashes to the tip first and let it dry before you apply the mascara to the rest of your eyelashes. Why? When you observe too plenty mascara at the root of the eyelashes, the eyelashes get heavy and then you can’t raise the pointers any more.

2- Bend the brush

A golden rule for making use of mascara in the little corners of your eyelashes is bending the brush in a 45-degree angle. There is a purpose the brush is made of wire!

3- Twist the brush going upwards

A trick to get all the hairs in your eyelashes covered in mascara is to twist the brush vertically over and under your lashes. Your eyelashes will get a boost in volume when you do this.

4- Zigzag

Another handy trick to get mascara on all the hairs and spread them evenly at the same time is a zigzag movement. A trick to get all the hairs in your eyelashes protected in mascara is to twist the brush vertically over and underneath your lashes. As you go the brush toward the tip of your eyelashes, do so with a zigzag movement.

5- Put a mirror under your nose

Do you normally look like a panda after you apply your mascara? Then try placing a mirror under your nose and look down. This way you can work very detailed when you apply mascara and you won’t get any mascara on your upper eyelid.

6- Close your eyes

Don’t brush vertically over your eyelashes but close your eyes to let your eyelashes brush against the brush. This way you curl your eyelashes more.

7- Push the hairs to the outer corners

When you don’t push your hairs upwards but sideways towards the outer corners of your eyes, your eyes get an optical and lifting effect. Then apply the mascara on the outer corners from the base of your eye lash with the tip of the brush.

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