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15 New Trendy Pixie Hairstyles 2021

A pixie reduce is pretty a commitment. If you have medium-to-long locks, it can take various years for your hair to develop out to its unique size after you crop it into a pixie.

Even so, pixie cuts have remained one of the pinnacle tendencies in the world of women’s hairstyles for years–and for right reason. They’re edgy, stylish, timelessly contemporary and, above all that, they’re pretty speedy and handy to manage. Having a pixie reduce will shave sufficient time off your morning movements that you’ll be in a position to hit that snooze button a few extra instances when you’re comfortable in mattress on an early morning.

Voluminous Layered Long Pixie

With the right styling and long pixie cut, no a trace will be left of your thin locks. Only the majestic lift and volume of layers. On short hair, layers are more visible, while on longer pixies they’re not so obvious, but the volumizing effect is still very vivid. To add more lift to the crown and front locks, girls prefer to style their pixies to the side.

Wavy Pixie With Headscarf

However, in the context of pixies, simple doesn’t mean boring. Conversely, its simplicity is what makes it so special and significant. Apart from offering straightforward styling routine and flexible styling freedom at once, it also allows you to create a unique look in just a minute. A fancy headscarf will do the trick!

Layered Long Wavy Pixie With Side Part

No wonder if you’d like to combine all the volumizing and lifting tips into one hairstyle: all is fair when it comes to fighting with thin hair. Layers will create the so much needed fullness, and side parting will create a cute, volumetric asymmetry. You already know that there’s no better way on how to style a long pixie cut than simply wave it as waves will enhance the texture of your locks.

Messy Curly Pixie Style

Ladies who are looking for a styling twofer, trying to find some short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair, don’t look any further if you come across a curly pixie like this one. The best thing about curls is that they won’t leave your thin locks any choice but to become fuller. Also, the lively and voluminous silhouette of messy curls can draw attention from your round face, creating a stunning balance.

Wavy Pixie With Headband

We can’t have too many waves, especially when we want to keep the texture of our pixie cuts for thick hair as beautiful as possible. Bascially, it’s quite easy to work with waves, as they set your unruly texture, giving it a stunning, weightless silhouette. A tip to make this hairstyle stay longer: beautify it with a fashionable headband which will secure your style in place.

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