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14+ New Short Bob Hairstyles for 2021

Short bob hairstyles have always been popular, it’s no secret. The point is, these days the variety of options we have for shoulder length hair, which is the perfect length for short hair, is more than staggering.

You can opt for a short bob with bangs, if there are some features you would like to hide away with the help of a haircut, or you can opt for a layered bob to add some volume to your mane. In fact, there are dozens of options to suit even the most demanding ladies.

Neatly Rounded Bob

There’s a stunning hairstyle for women with thick hair that can actually let the fullness and richness of your hair type show up. First of all, it’s better to go short, as the shorter the length, the bouncier the pattern. Second, don’t forget to get your ends texturized to achieve the shape you want.

This neatly rounded bob simply takes thick hair to the next level, turning unmanageable strands into a round, well-shaped, and super voluminous mane. Again, a round brush, blowdryer, and a couple of minutes are all you need to keep up with this cutie.

Sleek And Precise

TAnother gorgeous bob hairstyle that you can wear for any occasion. Its sleek texture is so smooth that it seems to reflect the light. As for the structure, it’s very precise and angled, which also adds a lot of character to the whole look. While you won’t find it difficult to maintain and style this look, people will always give you compliments about your appearance, as this cut gently frames up the face and provides a lot of volume on the crown.

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