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14 Latest Bob Haircuts Ideas for 2021

Bob hairstyles 2021 have been exploding all fashion trends for a very long time. Having the right 2021 bob haircut is a hit. In the hands of a good hairdresser, your hair will get the volume, healthy look and shine that you always wanted.

Messy Layered Lob

Messy layered bob hairstyles are worth everyone’s attention. It doesn’t matter if you strive for volume with your weak and thin locks or you desire your thick chevelure behave and become softer. Messy styling is the salvation for all girls!

If you want your medium bob to work on your thin hair, your hairstylist will add some feathers, which is an edgy version of layers that makes your ends more precise. In this way, your weak locks will show up in a new light. To maintain the messy look, spritz your hair with salt sprays every time you style it.

When working with thick hair, layers are also full of good surprises. Even though they change the thickness of your chevelure, they don’t cause it to fall flat. On the contrary, this technique gets the most out of your texture and makes your hair more manageable. For your hair type, salt sprays are the crucial messy weapon, too.

Layered Chin Length Messy Bob

The same cutting technique from a new perspective! The chin-length layered bob shows how length affects the appearance of popular cuts and styles. As you can see, it’s another messy bob. Yet, this time it’s cut to chin length, and its movement is even more seeable and alive.

It’s a versatile hairstyle that can fit any occasion, especially if you style it in a bit tousled manner. Also, it’s pretty convenient to wear in the summertime, as it barely hits your neck. If you’re wondering what face shape will go well with the style, it will form a stunning duo with oval and round faces.

For casual styling, you can simply apply some lightweight mousses that enhance the movement. And if some special day is coming, you can ask a curling iron for help.

Short Layered A-line Bob

When it comes to short layered bob haircuts, the A-line idea is always the very first choice of women who need some changes. Not for nothing! It’s pretty easy to take care of such a cut, and despite its short length, it still can offer great styling flexibility. Anything from braids to faux hawk is possible to achieve with it.

The way neatly cropped top graduates to an angular silhouette is the reason why women can’t resist the beauty of the cut. Plus, it’s absolutely universal in terms of hair types and lengths, so if you want a well-balanced body, look no further than this idea.

Inverted Wavy Lob

The idea of layered inverted bob has always appealed to women who appreciates creative styling approaches. Its structure features a voluminous crown that gets angled to the ends. Who would’ve thought that once we change the familiar direction and add some imbalance to the common cuts, we would get a brand new trend? Inverted bobs look ravishing on both straight and wavy textures, and that’s another reason to go for it.

If you plan to sport it straight, a flat iron and hairdryer nozzle are the musts of your styling routine. And if you’d like to recreate the magnificent look above, use the same flat iron to create a lot of little waves.

Long Bob With Flipped Ends

The diversity of layers seems to be infinite: while giving a fresh take at the familiar cuts, they can come in many different variations. Classic layering, feathers, flipped ends; and that’s only the beginning!

This long layered bob with bangs is here to show you the cute, airy power of twisting ends. Actually, you can get the flips throughout your hair; it’s another way of texturizing that involves thinning hair in order to give it a “flying” silhouette. As for the upturned ends, they create a halo of gently sticky ends that visually plump the whole body.

To style this cutie, remember always to pay close attention to the ends, working with your blow dryer.

Short Choppy Bob

Yes, there’s a plethora of different cutting ideas that radically change the structure of haircuts. When giving you a choppy cut, your hairstylist will gradually cut the edges of your ends, holding the scissors at an angle. As a result, you will achieve something in the middle between feathers and flipping layers.

This choppy layered bob is a perfect option for girls with triangular and diamond face shapes – its silhouette can curve the prominent angles of your face. And if you think that your thick hair won’t let you sport a bob, choppy layers will prove you otherwise.

To give this cut a decent look that reveals the potential of its texture, prep your hair with a softening conditioner before styling. After you blow dry your hair, add some definition to the layers.

Long Stacked Bob With Layers

If your soul always requires image changes and you want to leave the hairdresser’s with something comfy and unique at once, you will love the stacked layered bob. This type of bob haircut gives a nice fresh take on its classic version, stacked in the back. To be more exact, the hair is longer in the front, and then it gets shorter and rounder at the back portion. Usually, this cut is finished with layers, as they add more dimension to its body.

Waves always make our hair look better, but for a stacked bob, they’re a real gift sent from above. So when you are about to impress, let waves do the talking.

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